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Data Center Products and Services.

Cluster Tech Systems announces new services to assist the HPC customer in developing custom designed cluster processing systems for their particular application. If you are considering moving from less dense environments to multi server clustered processing capabilities we may be able to assist you in the transition.

Cluster-Tech Systems specializes in the assessment, design and final concept development of small and large cluster oriented processing systems to suit your specific needs. We are not aligned with any particular OEM supplier allowing us to be totally objective in assisting you in determining the right hardware mix for your application. Our services can cover the entire development process or as little involvement as you determine suitable based on your level of in house expertise and needs. We offer any and all of the following services for those not holding in house expertise in clustered processing capabilities.

Review anticipated system needs, what the desired solution is to accomplish, and why/if it makes sense to apply a clustered solution.

Develop hardware needs specification and determine which solutions are most applicable from multiple suppliers to meet the client’s needs and future scaling expectations.

Assist with or completely build RFQ documents and definitions suitable to submit to multiple qualified suppliers. This results in a “level playing field” assessment of equipment cost/benefit ratios determined by the client, not the equipment supplier.

Once the proper equipment and supplier are determined, the client places orders directly with the supplier at best-negotiated cost. Cost negotiations can be conducted internally by client staff or by our staff, as we gain no benefit from the hardware supply, our drive is to secure best cost circumstance in behalf of the client.

Equipment is delivered directly into our labs where it is checked in, determined to be in compliance and charted. The cluster is completely assembled, documented, and made ready to operate with applications installed, as the client requires. Client technicians are welcome to work in our lab to validate the system and accept its assembly in final form.

At this point, if the delivery is local, we transport the system in our delivery truck(s) into the client data center ready to set in place and activate. This practice removes the clutter and distraction from the client data center/office and allows internal processing to continue uninterrupted until the new cluster is swapped for the old system. In large clusters this is usually accomplished in six (6) to eight (8) rack quantities at each delivery. If preexisting racks are to be used we will retrieve as many racks from the current system as the client can release and the process follows the same routine.

If the delivery is not local we disassemble the system to the point of safe transport, packing nodes and sensitive equipment in consolidated OEM packaging, transport in CTS truck(s) to the delivery point, reassemble and deliver into the data center the completed system, ready to set in place and activate.

Additionally we offer disposal services for the retiring equipment or package it for lease return if no other solution is determined. In many cases we will purchase the retiring equipment from the company/lease company at negotiated prices prior to commencing the entire program so there is a solid turnkey solution in place. Further, we offer no cost disposal of large volumes of data processing equipment, which must be properly disposed of from an environmental perspective.

If you are considering evaluating a migration to clustered environments and need assistance in making the decision or transition, please do not hesitate to contact us for a no cost consultation. These services are available locally, nationally and internationally. If international in nature we comply with all US Export regulations and requirements, without exception.

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